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Why do you need The Sunderman Group?

There are many choices for REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS - find out what makes The Sunderman Group the best …

How to Make Your Offer Stand Out

Follow these 3 tips to making your stand out above the competition. https://youtu.be/AW9mOgKHaic

The Importance of Property Disclosures

Why are Residential Property Disclosures so important when selling your home? https://youtu.be/6It0xS33LUg

The Value of an Inspection

Why having an inspection is helpful. https://youtu.be/pvaotnLPdVg

Digital Marketing

How do you maximize the exposure of your home? https://youtu.be/SLmeKCgAeOM

Will Your Home Pass The Test?

Will your home sell for top dollar? https://youtu.be/lwsvw-az3tw  

Maximize Your Bottom Line

How do you maximize your profit by hiring a realtor? https://youtu.be/htkpX2AO1WA

How Much Money Do I Need to Buy …

Did you know that there are many loan programs or even grants to assist home buyers? https://youtu.be/-qKS-dxrsag

Timeline Before Listing Your Home

What to consider before buyers walk through your home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgi0v-6V2m0

Offers and Negotiations

Why having a master negotiator and a pricing strategist is key to your success! https://youtu.be/4swZMb-xTCc